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From these pages you can source all individual security and technology requirements for Security printing, computer interfacing, and the match between the Print and Technology to complete a project.

Principle documents covered are Banknotes, Passports, Visas, ID Cards , Border Control documents, along with the collection of Data , logistics, data-basing, inclusive security, to finally public integration and validity.

Security extends to all types of Plastic Cards including Optical, Smart Card, synthetic National ID Cards, through to materials and devices for Brand Protection for goods , documents of value, vouchers, with OVD, holograms, inks and security chemicals to defeat copying and but also " sleeping devices" for machine verification.

We provide the elements for security solutions and are not committed to any specific manufacturer or supplier. We have available a wide variety of differing technologies, and the experience to integrate and enhance established, or new security requirements.

Information is treated with confidentiality and we can supply component elements to an established project, design a full new project, or answer your specific niche requirement.


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